About Me

Laurie Kerr
Laurie Kerr is the recipe developer, blog writer
and photographer for Letsmakeameal.today.

Welcome! I am Laurie Kerr and this is my blog! I am so glad you’re here! Are you ready for some culinary adventures and exploring the world through food?

My aim is to bring you healthy vegetarian recipes and ideas for the whole meal. Have you ever found a great side dish recipe and then wondered what to have with it? Well, I am here to help you with that. Plus answer questions like: Can I add meat to this meal? Can I freeze the leftovers? Is it suitable for a potluck? Can I make it vegan or gluten free?

The seed for this blog idea came to me about 15 years ago when I owned a professional organizing company for eight years, called Life Simplified. The idea originated as a cookbook, inspired in part by all the organizing I was doing and the cooking classes I had recently taken.

LetsMakeaMeal.Today is part of my company, Chickpea & Co., LLC. All recipes, unless noted, are my own. I am the writer and 99% of photos are also taken by me. Each blog post, with recipes, gives you healthy, simple meals that explore a variety of cultures. Recipes will follow the seasons with the goal of getting us away from the easy, processed food that fills our grocery stores and moving us into the produce aisle and the farmers’ market.

I will also feature cooking tips and challenges! I will be sharing tips that apply to everyday cooking and post some challenges to get you out and experimenting – should you want to accept these missions.

About Me:

My little family, including my husband, daughter and myself, are vegetarians, living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I grew up in California and lived for six years in Colorado. Although I ate meat most of my life, I’ve been a vegetarian since 2009.

Laurie Kerr with slice of pie in Pie Town, New Mexico.
I love pie! So much we spent a birthday weekend camping in Pie Town, NM for their annual Pie Festival.

Maybe like you, I am a home cook and cook for my family everyday. I am always expanding my knowledge via cooking and nutrition classes, which leads me to challenging myself in the kitchen (aka “The Lab”), as well as trying new foods and learning more about creating a healthy meal.

I love learning about and experiencing a taste of different cultures through food and cooking. I also love the challenge of developing new recipes, photographing food and sharing what I learn. Along with my family, I love to travel and the food that goes with it. I have traveled to over 10 countries!

What I Cook:

When I put a meal together or try a new recipe, I am looking for healthy and tasty food. I cook from scratch and with fresh fruits or vegetables as much as possible. I try to keep it simple and cook meals that don’t require tons of ingredients or tons of different pots, pans and bowls. The best meals are fresh, simple and flavorful and make for a happy belly!

I hope you will join me in this adventure! Let’s go make a meal!

Close up of bowl of vegan poutine at a restaurant in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.
Our first night in Quebec CIty and we find a great restaurant right by our hotel serving vegan poutine! (French fries, gravy and cheese curds.) And it was delicious!