How This Site Works

This site is organized a little differently from most recipe sites. Here is how it works:

Under “Recipes” on the main page:

  • You will find a drop down menu with recipe categories such as: Breakfast, Dinner, Dessert. These are individual recipes.
  • On each recipe page there are one or more links to other recipes that complement the meal such as an appetizer, side dish and dessert.
  • Each recipe will also include links to a post mapping out the timing to make the whole meal.
  • The idea is for you to have a picture of the whole meal, which may be from appetizer to dessert and anywhere in between.

Under “Let’s Make a Meal” on the main page:

  • Meals are arranged by season.
  • These posts will have links that take you to the individual recipes.
  • This is where you will find out how to piece the recipes together and in what order to cook each recipe for efficiency and best results.

Also with each recipe is a FAQ grid like this, that answers frequently asked questions about each recipe:

Gred answering frequently asked questions about this recipe.

Included in each recipe you’ll see tips, notes and what tools you will need to make the recipe, as well as nutritional information. Each recipe is printable and you can even rate it once you try it! 

I want to give you all the information you need to take the guesswork out of cooking as well as some ideas to make the recipes your own. 

I hope you enjoy the upcoming collection of recipes. You can follow on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram and sign up for our email list so you don’t miss a thing!