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Full-sized brown grocery bag full of canned and packaged goods surrounded by more canned and packaged goods.
Cooking Tips

How to Host a Neighborhood Food Drive


Summer is a great time to host a neighborhood food drive. (And so needed.) You too, can host one!

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Cooking Tips

5 Tips for Creating an Eco-Friendly Kitchen (and Home)


I’m always looking for ways to be more eco-friendly – how can I reduce our family purchasing? How can I use less plastic? How can I reuse what we already have? If you are too, I have some tips for your your home.

Close up of popped corn (popcorn) in a clay bowl on top of a table sprinkled with popcorn.
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Stovetop Popcorn


Making your own popcorn with nothing but corn kernels, oil and salt is easy as can be! Plus you don’t have any of the nasty additives of microwave popcorn, but all the fresh goodness!

Grid with 3 images: Quinoa-Stuffed Poblano Peppers on a white plate on top, Chile Avocado sauce in a small white bowl on bottom left, and a stack of Baked Apple Taquitos on a white plate with whole apples on the sides.

Quinoa-Stuffed Poblano Peppers – The Whole Meal


A tasty Fall meal to shake up the regular meal routine.

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Baked Apple Taquitos


Love apple pie? Then these are for you! Quick and easy, for a simple but delicious any-night dessert.

Chile Avocado Sauce in a white bowl with a sprig of cilantro sitting on a red cloth.
Appetizers & Side Dishes, Autumn, Dinner, Lunch, Vegetarian Side Dish

Chile Avocado Sauce


This Chile Avocado Sauce is a great side to chips or just about any meal! It adds a little magic to tacos, stuffed peppers, burritos, enchiladas and more!

Close up of Quinoa-Stuffed Poblano Peppers with Chile Avocado Sauce spread over middle plus a sprig of cilantro. Pepper is on a white plate on top of an orange cloth.
Autumn, Dinner

Quinoa-Stuffed Poblano Peppers


These stuffed poblano peppers are a delicious change to the dinner routine. Even though there are a few components to this dish, it’s easy and so worth it!

Noodles with peas, tofu cubes, sliced green onions and cilantro sprigs in a green bowl on dark wood background.
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Cold Noodle Salad with Tofu


This Cold Noodle Salad is a quick weeknight dinner or even a picnic. Using Asian flavors this dish is full of sweet, salty and even spicy – it’s delicious!

Close up of butter churned in food processor.
Food Challenge

Food Challenge: Butter


Never made your own butter? It’s so easy! In this post, we challenge you to make your own butter.

Outside view of yurt.

Is a Yurt Part of Your Next Travel Adventure?


Not crazy about tent camping, but looking for your next outdoor adventure? How about a yurt! Find out about our stay in a yurt in New Mexico.

Zucchini Black Bean tacos with Green Chile Lime Rice and Corn on the Cob on a white plate.
Dinner, Lunch, Summer

Grilled Zucchini & Black Bean Tacos – The Whole Meal


A great meal to celebrate summer! Zucchini Black Bean Tacos, Green Chile Lime Rice and Corn on the Cob.

Close up of green chile lime rice
Appetizers & Side Dishes, Autumn, Summer, Uncategorized, Vegetarian Side Dish

Green Chile Lime Rice


Green Chile Lime Rice with Hatch green chiles. Something new to try with your tacos, burritos or enchiladas.

Close up photos of grilled zucchini and black bean tacos in corn tortilla with cheese and tomatoes
Autumn, Dinner, Lunch, Spring, Summer

Grilled Zucchini & Black Bean Tacos


Grilled zucchini seasoned with taco seasoning, combined with black beans, onion and garlic and your favorite toppings make for some yummy tacos!

Table setting of Green Eggs (spinach and garlic eggs) with sliced tomatoes and toasted bread.)

Green Eggs, No Ham


A delicious and healthy breakfast that comes together quick! Get your day of to a great start! (PS. Also makes for a great dinner.)

Salad, Pasta with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and peas with side of pita chips and bowl of watermelon-cucumber granita laid out on table with silverware and blue placemat
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Pasta with Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Peas – The Whole Meal


All the steps to make this meal from beginning to delicious end! Pasta, crunchy pita chips and a delicious dessert.

Fruits and vegetable stand at Farmers Market it Ottawa, Canada

Do we need another food blog?


Why I decided to jump in with a food blog and how I hope to provide something different.

Watermelon Cucumber Granita in clear bowl with spoon and side of cucumber and watermelon slices.

Watermelon-Cucumber Granita


This Italian dessert is perfect for summer – literally melt in your mouth. Watermelon, Cucumber, lime and a little sugar is all it takes. It’s super cool!

Pasta with Sun-dried Tomatoes and Peas with side of pita chips on white plate.
Dinner, Lunch, Pasta, Side Dish, Vegetarian Side Dish

Pasta with Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Peas


An easy dinner for any night of the week. Keep it simple or add on to it for a satisfying all around meal.

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Eco-Friendly Shopping

Celtic Jewelry by Reflective Images This company is really, really committed to being green. From their workspace to where they source their materials to making contributions to offset their carbon footprint. They are based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, but I had found them via an internet search years before […]

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Animal Vegetable Miracle: A Year in Food Life by Barbara Kingsolver I have read many of Kingsolver’s novels, but this autobiographical journey opened my mind, made me laugh and I learned a few things, too. In this book, she takes us through a year in her family’s adventures as they […]