Fruits and vegetable stand at Farmers Market it Ottawa, Canada

Do we need another food blog?

How I Hope to Fill A Void

Even though it may seem there’s an endless supply of recipes from food blogs and cookbooks plus ones that are being developed for restaurants and tv cooking shows, there are still times I can’t find what I am craving. 

Then, there is the frustration of finding a great side dish, but not knowing what to cook with it to make it a whole, healthy meal, especially when trying something new and unusual!

Years ago I had this idea for a cookbook. It was just an idea, but I would wish that SOMEONE would write it, and over the years I have often come back to this thought: Instead of stand-alone recipes, the cookbook would be organized around a whole meal, which may include appetizers, main course, side dishes and dessert. For example, if you were eating alone, make example #1; dinner for two- add these components; feeding a family- here is how to expand on the recipe.

Since my original idea for a cookbook, I‘ve become a vegetarian and transformed my cooking by immersing myself into cooking classes and learning more about nutrition and my own needs around food, since I learned I have low blood sugar. 

Photo of Laurie Kerr with her daughter, age 2, sleeping on her at a restuarant in Palma, Mallorca, Spain.
After a long train ride, my daughter napped while we carried her until we
found a place for lunch. Palma, Mallorca, Spain.

In 2019, it hit me! Why not start a food blog of my own? Since then I have been reading and researching, exploring new foods, cooking and baking even more! I told my husband that the worst that could happen was I become an even better cook. Right?

With this blog my intentions are:

  • to make making dinner a little easier by providing ideas for the whole meal, not just stand-alone recipes
  • to challenge myself and YOU in the kitchen arena
  • to expand what we eat and move away from pre-packaged food
  • to explore the world and cultures
  • to make life a little juicier in the process. 

Besides recipes for the WHOLE meal, I’ll have cooking tips, food challenges and travel logs – when we can get back to traveling. 

Soup in a red bowl with spoon.

Is there a vegetarian recipe you have been looking for, but haven’t found? Are you tired of the same old dinners? Let me know in the comments below.

I hope you will join me on this adventure in food! Let’s have some fun and let’s make a meal!

Close up of strawberries in a bag.
Strawberries we purchased at the farmers market in Soller, Mallorca, Spain. THE STRAWBERRIES all other strawberries will be measured against!

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