Author: Laurie Kerr

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Celtic Jewelry by Reflective Images This company is really, really committed to being green. From their workspace to where they source their materials to making contributions to offset their carbon footprint. They are based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, but I had found them via an internet search years before […]

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Animal Vegetable Miracle: A Year in Food Life by Barbara Kingsolver I have read many of Kingsolver’s novels, but this autobiographical journey opened my mind, made me laugh and I learned a few things, too. In this book, she takes us through a year in her family’s adventures as they […]

Close up of popped corn (popcorn) in a clay bowl on top of a table sprinkled with popcorn.

Stovetop Popcorn

Making your own popcorn with nothing but corn kernels, oil and salt is easy as can be! Plus you don’t have any of the nasty additives of microwave popcorn, but all the fresh goodness!